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Shatter is a full-length contemporary dance work about the British Suffragettes performed to a live orchestra.

Past Performances:
Frankston Arts Centre 5th October 2017
Frankston Arts Centre 6th October 2017
Bunjil Place 11th April 2018
Geelong Performing Arts Centre 14th April 2018


Rosie is a young woman living through the era of the Suffrage movement in London, 1908; a movement that wanted to grant women the right to vote. After growing up with a passionate Suffragette mother, Rosie turns away from women’s rights, fearing being completely outcast by society.

As the Suffragettes gain momentum in their protests through rallies and violent acts, Rosie is pulled into the movement and sacrifices all to shatter not only her own glass ceilings, but the world’s as well.

“I held my breath through the first act... this show is everything you could wish for in a youth dance company”
— Kate Meade, Director of Victorian Dance Festival

Reviews and Articles

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Dance Writer Review

"Spark Youth Dance Company smashes all odds as the cast performs an early 1900s reenactment ‘Shatter’ of the famous women suffragettes fighting for their rights."


Peninsula Essence

""Dance with Depth"


Peninsula Essence

"Spark Youth Dance Company began two years ago as a small dream."


Geelong Advertiser

"YOUNG artists will put on a contemporary dance show to promote and educate people about gender equality at the Geelong Performing Arts Centre."


Forte Magazine

"Youths dominating Mornington Peninsula's dance scene bring their show to town"


Geelong Indy

"Spark up for Suffragettes"


Berwick Star

"Breaking through ceilings is nothing new for 20-year-old choreographer Alexandra Dellaportas."


Cranbourne Leader 

"A dance about the British Suffragettes"


Bellarine Times

"Bright Sparks Dancing to Geelong"