Sadie's Corner: Working on our Short Film

By Sadie Russo – Artist of SYDC
APRIL 30 2017

Welcome to our new weekly column written by company artist Sadie Russo! Each week, Sadie will share her thoughts on our rehearsals and give you insight into our creative process from the eyes of a dancer.

The chattering of friends grew louder and louder as more people bustled their way once again to the stage floor, forming groups of talking friends or practising the splits or twists.

Hurriedly, Alex swept into the room and gestured for us to sit down in front of her; we swarmed into a group and lowered ourselves down to a partially comfy position. Alex told us briefly what our plan was and we brainstormed more deeply into our topic for the film ‘shelter’. Then we stood up from our circle and spread out around the room; we learnt a dance about the path to happiness, everyone had to be completely and utterly focused on the choreography and synchronisation – we had to be aware of everyone around us and their timing and be completely in time with them.

After refreshing drinks of water, a few pizza shapes, and some fruit, we sat back down as Alex announced the soloists and the duos and they set off to the stage as the curtains drew in once more.

As head of costumes for that day I conducted a conversation on the costumes of the soloists and their partners, concluding at a decision for bright clothes for the “happier” people and casual, darker clothes for the “sadder” people.  Then we met again and the solos and duos showed their pieces after which we announced the rest of our roles.  I am doing the group improvisation under the bridge. Then we had another break for a bit of water and vlogging. We came back and talked about the film, the schedule, the emergency plan, and the later dates for spark.

We said our goodbyes and went along to get our bags and head for the door, I didn’t want to leave, but the excitement of next rehearsal made me want time to keep going as fast as it had been, and if it is Sunday already, it probably has.

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