Sadie's Corner: Wave Choreography

By Sadie Russo – Artist of SYDC
JUNE 16 2017

“This made a ‘wall of heads’, recreating the huge amount of Suffragettes at the Hyde Park rally.”

Running through the theatre door again was now a habit – dumping my bag as close to the door as possible could have almost been written onto my hand.

Spark again.

The parliament scene was on first so we gathered into the centre and sat down in front of a very excited Alex. She had a very big smile on her face and a humongous secret at the tip of her tongue, which she then told us. (Though it’s still a secret so we can’t tell you!)

We got into our spots and cut and paste our choreography and put it together once more. It looked amazing! Then we got up and separated ourselves into Senior and Intermediate/Junior. The Seniors knelt down on the floor, Intermediates went on top of them, and then the Juniors went on top of that. This made a ‘wall of heads’, recreating the huge amount of Suffragettes at the Hyde Park rally. We experimented with going down in a wave, and it looked fantastic.

The laundry scene was next. We all gathered in a circle and discussed the basis of the laundry scene. We looked back up at the clock and there was only five minutes to go! We quickly rehearsed Emma (Rosie), and Zoe (Ellen)’s conversation at the laundry about whether Rosie should go to the Hyde Park rally or not – which she does in the end. Then we learnt a new set of choreography in which we implied getting some clothes, drenching them in water, squeezing the water out, hanging them up on the line and finally folding them. We did this dance multiple times with music and without. Then it was time to say goodbye to my fellow laundry workers and left the spark studio for one more week.