Sadie's Corner: The Week Before Filming

By Sadie Russo – Artist of SYDC
MAY 6 2017

“All I could think about was the film; I could picture it in my head almost perfectly.”

Join Sadie this week as she describes her company experiences in a new rehearsal location. Huge thank you to Peninsula School of Dance for providing the rehearsal space for this week!

With my heavy bag slung over my shoulder, I pushed the door wide open and squashed my bag into a pigeon hole under a bright pink country road bag. I hung around the door until some more people walked through and then I ran upstairs, careful to land softly on the last step as it creaks loudly when you step on it. More and more clumping feet banged on the last step and soon it was time to start. Spread out well, we ran knees up, circled our arms widely and did a bit of improv to key words Alex called.  We stood back up; we were slightly out of breath. We split into height-similar pairs and watched others improvise with different body parts leading them around the room.

Now we had to focus on our film. Everyone except the solos and duos left the room, treading loudly on the last step again. Studio 2 was now ours. Hayden (our cameraman) asked us to re-form our positions for the group shots and we bustled into our lines. We performed the dance multiple times, making changes every now and then to sync us better. Then we went for a short break.

I brushed my hands on my jumper after our break, and then headed upstairs to watch the solos and duos. When they froze in their ending position most people were wondering what they were up to. The school improvisers (a group who would be dancing at a school on filming day) were then asked to the front and indulged in what looked like some serious improvisation. Once everyone had had a go, we settled down in front of Alex and her assistant, Molly. They talked through some protocols and then dismissed us.

   The last step banged as loudly as it had all day, cancelling out the parents chatter almost completely. We rushed down and collected stray items, and soon enough, most people were already gone. I walked out the door, accidentally pushing it again instead of pulling it.

All I could think about was the film; I could picture it in my head almost perfectly.

“Next Sunday…”  I thought.