Sadie's Corner - Random Questions and New Friends

By Sadie Russo – Artist of Spark Youth Dance Company Inc.
APRIL 19 2017

“Our trust had already built so much over only forty-five minutes.”

Sadie writes about her experience of our first full company rehearsal for 2017…

I don’t know what I felt when I first sat down on the hard stage floor. 

When I looked around not all the faces I found were genuinely familiar, so the first exercise was very helpful. 

 Alex gave us each a piece of paper with very, very random questions. Then we had to fill the sheet out, asking complete strangers some really weird questions like, What is your least favourite word? or what is an inside joke that I probably won’t understand?      

 The next activity we did was somewhat a less easily done task. In a group of four or five, there would be one chair. The first person sat down on the chair and braced themselves. Meanwhile the three to four students left clasped their hands in a gun-like shape and stationed them at their elbows and knees; from there they would try to lift the first person, but, that didn’t usually work. So, we gathered our hands on top of the persons head and held them there for a few seconds – then with the same gun-shaped hands – we lifted them again. IT WORKED!! 

Alex then explained why we could do it the second time and not the first: “it has things to do with the timing of the lift – when you lifted them the first time your hands were in different rhythms. But when you put your hands on top of the person’s head, you were in time with each other so you could lift the person more easily”. 

Our trust had already built so much over only forty-five minutes.
After our games, colourful easter eggs were tossed into our outstretched hands, and once we had had our fill of chocolates and fresh water we started what we came here to do and what we love doing: dancing.

The heavy crimson curtains were drawn in, leaving two spaces for dancing. One for junior, and one for senior. At first Alex took the juniors to the stage to learn a cool routine with floor work and jumps, while her assistant, Molly, took the seniors and taught them a snazzy and fun dance. Once we had finished the dances, we presented, and then the teachers swapped and taught us different dances, we showed our routines, and then bustled out to the foyer for some freshly supplied fruit and some randomly taken selfies. 

We came back into the dimly lit room and sat in an irregular circular shape. We then did some brainstorming and then set off into smaller groups talking about smaller and more specific aspects of Spark and the film we are making.

My flipping thongs slapped my bare feet with every step I took, making a peculiar clapping sound as I made my way to our shiny white car.

Home time at last, I thought.