Sadie's Corner: A Compliment Wall

By Sadie Russo – Artist of SYDC
June 8 2017

“Pippa told me that it was the ‘compliment wall’ and that we complimented people in Spark we really enjoyed being around.”

I slung my bag over my shoulder and hurriedly pulled the door open… oh wait, you’re supposed to push the door… so I hurriedly pushed the door open and fell into dad’s car.

I closed the door and pushed the volume button up so I  couldn’t hear anything else.  I crossed my fingers that I had achieved well in the scholarships session I’d just completed, but most of my mind was pondering what we would do in Spark this week.

I then hopped back out of the car and looked both ways, one red car on the right and nothing on the left. I waited for the red car (which was pretty slow in my opinion) to pass and then headed straight for the Bunnings sausages. I asked for 4 sausages, 1 with onion and 3 without. I ran back to the car and handed out the snacks to my patient family. Then it was quick drive from Bunnings to Rosebud Secondary College. 

As soon as we parked I saw 2 people in the building.  One had a cast on their arm and a robot from star wars drawn onto their cast.


I ran inside the building and walked carefully through the door – the seniors were practising a scene. I rushed over to the wall were everyone was huddled and found that multiple notes had been stuck onto the walls. Pippa told me that it was the ‘compliment wall’ and that we complimented people in Spark we really enjoyed being around.  I complimented Molly F.’s attitude to learning and Tess’s sense of humour.  I then chatted with my friends until Alex called us up to practice the parliament scene. 

The Suffragettes stayed with Alex and the ministers went outside and practised their choreography.  I was a Suffragette so I practised the choreography with Alex.  Once we had gone over our dance several times and we all had it in our heads, we learnt a new walking phrase in which on counts three and four I had a refined upwards arm movement. Then we learnt a quick running thing where I swapped places with Zoe and Tahlia.  Then we swapped so that the ministers were with Alex and the suffragettes were left to practice their choreography.  We went over the bits we didn’t understand and when we were all over it and the ministers still weren’t ready we decided to update the Instagram story.  We got called back in and we put all the dancing together – it was fantastic! 

Then it was time for the Hyde park scene. We gathered into our square-shaped mass and learned a new phrase of choreography.  Once we were done most people left and the ones remaining started on the laundry scene.  I was given a pose and a phrase to remember and then went home to dinner and bed.

‘Time may not have wings, but it certainly flies.’