Unexpected Besties, WW1 Claras and a Professional Dancer - Why we loved Spark 2k16

By Alex Dellaportas and Members of SYDC 2016
JANUARY 13 2017

“In that moment, it really occurred to me how special this company was. Not only had we shared a love of dance, but also a close bond, passion and a series of unforgettable experiences.”

Okay, so last year’s rehearsal schedule was crazy – ask any of our dancers and they’ll tell you all about the rehearsals that were planned only the night before. But these crazy kids somehow quietly understood and accepted that it had to be like this for the first year of SYDC and worked hard at every single rehearsal to make it happen, creating friendships that will last a lifetime. They always kept each other laughing and shared some incredible moments together. 

The thing that made Spark so special for me was that we created something out of nothing. That moment where my vision was actually dancing on the stage in front of me was something I’ll never forget.

We already know 2017 will be bigger and better than ever before, but I was curious to know what our 2016 cast found to be their most memorable Spark moments. I interviewed a few of our 2016 seniors to find out!

“The one moment that stood out to me the most in 2016 was Wakakirri because it was a great performance opportunity and because I got to do it with all of my friends. I have loved the whole Spark experience and I can’t wait to do it again this year!”

“My favourite moment from Spark was being able to perform on stage with all the talented dancers and a former professional ballet dancer Daniel Gaudiello, who was a fantastic mentor. And I also loved to bring the story to life through dance – I just love to dance!”

“Being a part of Spark was such an incredible experience for me. Working with so much talent and learning heaps of new things along the way. As well as rehearsing for the production, all of the seniors had the opportunity to guest perform in Wakakirri. And it was such an honour to be able to dance next to Daniel Gaudiello. I learnt a lot from his professional approach. The performance was a whole lot of fun and amazing to see everything on stage – the 6 months of rehearsals really paid off. I was so glad that I had the chance to be a part of such an amazing environment and be a member of Spark Youth Dance Company.”

“My favourite moment of Spark 2016 occurred in succession of the first performance. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible – everyone felt a shared sense of accomplishment, achievement and joy. In that moment, it really occurred to me how special this company was. Not only had we shared a love of dance, but also a close bond, passion and a series of unforgettable experiences. After seeing our production finally come together, I felt really inspired. This experience has taught me to do whatever I set my mind to, and has given me confidence that wonderful people will always there to support me.”

“My favourite part of Spark was definitely the final week leading up to the performances. I just feel like, in those few short days together, it really stood out to me how far we’d come from the auditions. I remember the first time I saw the dancers from the other schools, and I actually thought to myself that I’d probably never make friends with them. But in those last few days together, we were laughing, joking and dancing and it was like we’d all come together as one – to really make this spark happen. Honestly, I think that perfectly sums up what Spark really stands for, too – taking all these different dance schools across the Mornington Peninsula and bringing them together with a shared love for dance.”
What a year. Bring it on 2017.